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At LibraryPass, we believe that comic books, graphic novels, and manga offer an incredible opportunity to engage readers of all abilities and ages, and Comics Plus is our unique gateway into that diverse and engaging world. Our staff includes experienced teachers, librarians, and publishing professionals, and we fully support the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement, all of which informs our Collection Development Policy, which includes our age-appropriate guidelines.

It is our belief that the library has a unique responsibility of introducing young citizens to the world of information, and they have the right to a relevant, balanced, and diverse library collection that represents all reasonable points of view. As such, we partner with a variety of library-friendly publishers to provide unlimited access to a broad range of content through Comics Plus, and we purposefully curate materials that offer diverse viewpoints for readers of all ages to enjoy, including well-known favorites and lesser-known gems.

We also understand that providing age-appropriate materials is a primary concern for librarians, educators, and parents, and appropriateness can often be a subjective judgement that is different in every school, library system, and community. We take our curation process very seriously, utilizing a custom set of guidelines to help determine appropriate age ranges for the content we offer, and make them publicly available for maximum transparency.

We periodically review and occasionally update age ratings on specific titles and series to ensure they align with our age-appropriate guidelines, and those guidelines are regularly reviewed to ensure they align with our dual mission to provide unlimited access to a broad range of content while enabling our customers to confidently offer Comics Plus to their students and patrons.

Our Reconsideration of Materials Policy also offers our customers a process to request a review of the age ratings of individual titles and series. Each request is reviewed and evaluated solely in accordance with the principles and guidelines stated in our Collection Development Policy, and a decision is typically rendered within one business week after the request is received. Our customers also have the ability to remove individual titles from their own collection if they disagree with its age rating.

You can review our Age-Appropriate Guidelines here:

If you have any questions about these guidelines, or how they’ve been applied to specific titles, please don’t hesitate to contact us at