Graphic Novels in the Classroom: Building Librarian-Teacher Partnerships


As graphic novels continue to win awards and hit bestseller lists, there is a steadily growing contingent of high school teachers who have successfully incorporated them into their classrooms. Every year, more graphic novels are published that align with curriculum needs across a variety of subjects, from language arts to STEM.

Join us on Thursday, March 25th at 6pm ET (3pm PT) for this free webinar where our panel of experienced educators—Shannon Live, Kaitlyn Roach, Dr. John Weaver—will share their insights on how they work with graphic novels in the classroom, how they demonstrate their impact on learning, and how they partner with librarians.

The 60-minute presentation will be moderated by LibraryPass’ John Shableski and will include a live Q&A segment where our panelists will answer attendees’ specific questions submitted via the registration form and during the session. Registrants will have access to a list of resources for supporting their own efforts to introduce graphic novels into classrooms.

NOTE: A Certificate of Completion will be available to those who attend this webinar.


Source: Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash