Black History, Black Voices

February is Black History Month and Comics Plus offers a variety of titles spotlighting key figures and moments in Black History for educational use, as well as entertaining stories from Black creators in our curated Black History, Black Voices list.

From award-winning fiction and nonfiction to superheroes, fantasy, and humor — we have recommendations for every age level that are great for reading any time of the year.

Engage, Excite, Inspire

Colorblind: “An African-American teen explores the way his life has been affected by his imprisoned relative and racial profiling… One teen’s vision of hope shines through.” Kirkus Reviews

Belinda the Unbeatable: “A simple game of musical chairs is the setting for a wild adventure in this wordless graphic novel… Adults will appreciate the gentle message of good sportsmanship, while children will be caught up in the adventure of this wonderful addition to wordless comics for young readers.” Booklist

Topside: “When a small mistake quickly snowballs, a young girl of color braves the strange surface of her planet to prove she can set things right… Immersive, mysterious, and just the right amount of trippy.” Kirkus Reviews

LaGuardia: “The Trump administration’s travel ban gets incisive sci-fi treatment in Hugo and Nebula award–winning author Okorafor’s tale of extraterrestrial immigrants… Like the best sci-fi, the storytelling speaks to the heart of current debates, as Future and her growing family fight to create a world—or even just find an apartment—where they can all survive.” Publisher’s Weekly

Catalyst Prime: Superb: “Written by David Walker and Dr. Sheena C. Howard Superb follows teenager Kayla Tate who is forced to move back to her hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. Meanwhile, the mysterious superhero Cosmosis battles the supposedly-benevolent corporation Foresight. The series is unique in that the superhero, Jonah, has Down Syndrome. Lion Forge is also working with the National Down Syndrome Society on the portrayal of the character and will include educational material for readers.” Graphic Policy

Engage, Excite, Circulate!

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