“Libraries are really the tastemakers of the industry. That’s no secret… We know the power of referral, of somebody you trust telling you this is a good book for kids, this is a good book for young adults. [At conferences and conventions], fans come up to me and they want something from you. They’re asking for a giveaway, a freebie. The only thing that a librarian has ever asked me for is for knowledge so they can get a kid to read. That’s all that they want from me.”

Blake Kobashigawa, Vice President of Sales, IDW Publishing

Founded in 1999, IDW Publishing is one of the top four publishers of comic books and graphic novels in the U.S with an award-winning library of world-renowned licensed content and original series. More than 80 IDW titles have appeared on The New York Times Best Sellers list, and have won 48 Eisner Awards—the highest honor in comic book publishing—and 27 Harvey Awards.

Among IDW’s best known titles are Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez’s Locke & Key; Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo; George Takei’s They Called Us Enemy; and Congressman John Lewis’ March—the only graphic novel to have won a National Book Award.

LibraryPass’ John Shableski sat down [remotely] with IDW’s Blake Kobashigawa to discuss the publisher’s history with comics, relationship with libraries, important backlist titles, and notable new releases.

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