At LibraryPass, we believe that comic books, graphic novels, and manga offer an incredible opportunity to engage readers of all abilities and ages, and ComicsPlus is our unique gateway into that diverse and engaging world. The ComicsPlus catalog includes thousands of titles curated to meet the varied needs of our customers and their readers in K-12, public, and academic libraries.

We wholeheartedly believe the library has a unique responsibility of introducing young citizens to the world of information, and they have the right to a relevant, balanced, and diverse library collection that represents all reasonable points of view. As such, we aim to provide unlimited access to a broad range of ideas and information through ComicsPlus, and we purposefully partner with a variety of publishers to curate materials that offer diverse viewpoints across a variety of subject areas, including well-known favorites and under-the-radar gems.

We also understand that providing age-appropriate materials is a primary concern for librarians, educators, and parents, and that appropriateness can often be a subjective judgement that’s different in every school and library system. We take that part of our curation process very seriously, following a specific set of guidelines to determine appropriate age ranges for every title we offer, and make them publicly available for maximum transparency.

While our collections are organized for age-appropriate reading levels, some libraries have also requested the ability to curate their individual collections—to easily identify and weed out titles they feel aren’t a good fit for their readers. That feature is now available to ComicsPlus admins through the User Admin Portal.

Curating Your ComicsPlus Catalog

Via the Products section of the User Admin Portal, ComicsPlus admins can now search and filter their entire collection, and weed individual titles as they see fit.

ComicsPlus - Admin Curation

Visit the Resource Center for step-by-step instructions to manage which titles appear in your collection. If you have any questions about this new feature, or ComicsPlus in general, please contact us at